Validated Dental Resins

Carbon consistently strives to work with trusted names in material development to produce dependable outcomes for our customers. Our in-depth validation process improves first print success and is one of the many reasons that Carbon has been rated most reliable over the past 4 years by the NADL Dental Technology Survey.

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DPR 10

Carbon, Inc.
Highly accurate, consistent models
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength

    45 MPa 7 ksi
  • Tensile Modulus

    1800 MPa 261 ksi
  • Elongation At Break

    4 %
  • Impact Strength (Notched)

    20 J/m 0.37 ft-lb/in
  • Heat Deflection Temperature

    60 °C 140 °F
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Flexcera™ Smile Ultra+

Desktop Health™
Extraordinary strength, beauty, and functionality

Flexcera Base

Desktop Health
Tough, economical, trusted


Keystone Industries®
Customizable, flexible, economical


Keystone Industries®
Stiff, strong, highly accurate

KeySplint Hard®

Keystone Industries®
Rigid, durable, clear or tinted
  • Color

    Clear and Tinted
  • Flexural Modulus

    2300-2400 MPa 334-348 ksi
  • Flexural Strength

    100-110 MPa 15-16 ksi
  • Biocompatibility

    ISO 10993
  • Impact Strength (Notched)

    29 J/m 0.54 ft-lb/in
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KeySplint Soft® Clear

Keystone Industries®
Clear, hard yet flexible

KeyDenture Try-In

Keystone Industries®
Excellent surface finish, fast and cost-effective

Lucitone Digital Print

Dentsply Sirona
High impact fracture resistance, color stable, highly accurate

Lucitone Digital IPN 3D Premium Tooth

Dentsply Sirona
Versatile, durable, premium
  • Shades

    16 A-D shades and 2 Bleach Shades
  • Wear Resistance

    Superior Durability of Traditional IPN®
  • Flexural Strength

    135 MPa 20 ksi
  • Flexural Modulus

    2900 MPa 421 ksi
  • Compressive Strength

    142 MPa 21 ksi
  • ISO Standards

    ISO 10477
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Lucitone Digital Value 3D Economy Tooth and Trial Placement

Dentsply Sirona
Versatile, durable, economical

Rodin Bite Tray Resin

Strong, quick to print, economical

Rodin Sculpture

Strong, translucent, aesthetic

Crown and Bridge Resin

Accurate, color-matched, FDA cleared class II device

3D Printed Denture

Accurate, color stable, durable

FotoDent® Cast

Fast and accurate, clean burn out

FotoDent® IBT

Soft, flexible, with excellent accuracy

FotoDent® Tray2

Strong, quick to print, economical

FotoDent® Gingiva

Soft, flexible, resistant to tearing

Surgical Guide

Whip Mix
Clear, highly accurate