FotoDent® Tray2

Strong, quick to print, economical

Strong, Quick to Print, Economical

This new and improved formulation of FotoDent Tray was developed for printing custom impression bite trays with higher throughputs. A unique printing strategy enables trays to be printed with 300 micron slice thickness, yielding exceptional print speed and unit economics.

  • Strong mechanical properties for enduring forces during use
  • Available in green transparent color
  • Prints in 300 micron slice thickness, resulting in up to 40% reduced print times

Producing with FotoDent Tray2 on the Carbon platform yields an efficient and cost effective workflow.

FotoDent® Tray2

  • Flexural Modulus

    >2100 MPa >305 ksi
  • Flexural Strength

    >90 MPa >13 ksi
  • Color

    Green Transparent

Discover FotoDent Tray2 and Carbon

Data Sheets and additional documentation are available from Dreve.

Fotodent 2.0 Removing Parts.jpg

Indications for Use

FotoDent Tray2 is indicated for custom full and quadrant maxillary and mandibular arch impression bite trays. The material is currently available in Europe, Canada and the U.S.