Make a Wide Range of Functional Parts

The Carbon DLS™ process is ideal for prototyping and producing functional parts that can meet stringent, industry-specific criteria.



Hot/Cold-resistant, Flame-retardant, Strong

Connector, Delete Caps, Housing

Industrial Housing

Rigid Polyurethane

Versatile, Tough, Rigid

Housings, Nozzles

Industrial Nozzle

Elastomeric Polyurethane

Highly Elastic, Tear-Resistant, Resilient

Grommets, Seals


Cyanate Ester

Highly Hot/Cold Resistant, Stiff

Thrusters, Fluidic Manifolds


Flexible Polyurethane

Tough, Fatigue-Resistant

Snap-fit bands, Mounts

Snap Fit Band

Aptiv Qualifies Stringent Seaworthy Parts

The marine environment is demanding; Aptiv’s fiber optic connection systems must shield delicate electronics from salt water, fungal life, impacts from ship movements, and dust. Each cable is outfitted with a dust cap produced with the Carbon DLS™ process in FPU 50 to keep fiber-to-fiber connections functioning perfectly under extreme conditions.

“Given our experience with the materials available, part quality, and production speed, Carbon was the only option we thought would be viable for a production application.”
Scott CohenEngineering Manager at Aptiv MAC

Read the Case Study

Impact Test Eight Drops From Eight Feet,
Rotating 45 degrees each Drop
Sand + Dust Exposure 12 Hours of Sand + Dust Exposure EIA/TIA-455-35
Engagement/Disengagement Torque Acceptable Torque After Sand + Dust Exposure MIL-STD M28876
ID Marking Legible After Sand + Dust Exposure MIL-STD M29976 3.10.3
Salt Spray Testing 500 Hours at 35C EIA/TIA-455-16, Condition 1
Fungus resistance 28 Day Exposure to Various Fungi EIA/TIA-455-16, Condition 1

Vitamix Produces 10x More Durable Parts at Scale with Carbon

Vitamix’s cleaning nozzle was originally designed to be injection-molded as a 6-part assembly that required tedious assembly and often failed in the field. Vitamix collaborated with TTH and Carbon to completely redesign and produce an innovative nozzle that is 10x more durable and 30% more economical than the previous design. Vitamix is in the process of deploying tens of thousands of these nozzles into stores.

Vitamix Nozzle Animation
3D Printed Vitamix Nozzle
3D Printer Thruster Part
NASA Thrusters

Carbon x TTH: A Partnership Out of this World

Through an iterative design approach, Carbon production partner The Technology House (TTH) worked with NASA to rapidly and cost-effectively produce four high-performance thrusters for the cold-gas propulsion system within the new Seeker robotic free flier inspector. The Carbon platform made possible a drastically reduced time to certification.

“Other plastics used in additive manufacturing wouldn’t be able to hold up to everything you’re going to get through this whole process. It has to hold up to being pressurized, to the cold of space, to the heat from the sun…really it was the high-temperature Carbon CE 221 material that drove this. It was the whole reason that NASA was able to produce this on an additive technology.”
Greg Cebular Vice President of Sales at The Technology House (TTH)