3D Printing Materials for Real-World Applications

Carbon offers best-in-class, 3D printing materials for prototyping and producing real, functional parts. These materials uniquely combine excellent mechanical characteristics, high resolution, and exceptional surface quality into isotropic parts ready for real-world products.

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3D Printed Parts without Compromise

Only Carbon DLS™ lets you prototype and produce functional parts with the mechanical properties required for elite performance.



Engineer parts with ease, thanks to consistent, predictable mechanical properties regardless of build orientation.

Surface finish

Surface Finish

Use attractive glossy, matte, or textured finishes on printed parts.

Bending a lattice between fingers

Fine Features

Design small, precise features on your parts.

Man balancing a bike saddle on his hand

Elite Material Performance

Each of Carbon’s materials offers best-in-class performance through a combination of useful material properties.

Fully Dense for End-Use Quality

Unlike powder-bed fusion 3D printing technologies, Carbon technology produces fully dense parts.

2x magnification of Power Bed Fusion


2x magnification of DLS