The Idea-to-Production Platform

Break Free From the Mold of Traditional Manufacturing

Technology moves the world forward – driving innovation, speed, and efficiency. Switching to additive manufacturing from a more traditional model saves time and money, and offers numerous other opportunities and benefits.

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Savings of Additive Manufacturing Compared to Traditional Manufacturing:


Monetary: Lower capital expenses because there is no tooling or molds to make

Time: Shorter product development and production lead times

Fewer project restrictions: Take on shorter run projects because there are no up front mold costs


Flexibility: Easily and quickly iterate the design without having to recreate molds or tooling

Supply chain: Fewer disruptions that can create critical blockages to bringing your product to market


Differentiation: AM can produce almost any design, so your product can stand out

Innovation: No product performance compromises due to manufacturing limitations

The Solution: From Idea to Production on One Platform

Additive manufacturing addresses the limitations of traditional manufacturing and unlocks a world of new opportunities. Carbon’s idea-to-production platform is the proven solution because it uniquely unites world-class technology with world-class expertise – helping companies to bring brilliant ideas into reality.

Design Develop Produce




  • SaaS design software enabling you to create what what was not possible before
  • Rapidly iterate as you refine your design
  • High-performance materials that allow you to move from prototyping into production in the intended material which meet your industry standards
  • Industrial hardware system that uses the patented Carbon Digital Light Synthesis process — enabling leading accuracy, surface finish, and mechanical performance.
  • Specialists from your industry that understand your unique needs and have the partner knowledge to advise on your design
  •  Application engineers with proven success bringing some of the best performing products to market
  • A customer success team dedicated to you provides partner support at every point along our journey
  • Global network of skilled production partners to deliver your final goods – whether it’s one dozen or one million units.
  • Innovation: Whatever you can imagine, Carbon has the design tools and  knowledge to bring your best ideas to life.
  • Flexibility: Iterate the design and print a new version without any changes to tooling needed.
  • Time: Start printing as soon as the design is ready.
  • Differentiation: Whether you need product performance, speed to market, or scale
  • Cost: No molds or tooling need to be created for each design.
  • Support: Carbon support available 24/7 to keep production running.

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