Drake Dental Thrives with Carbon

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed Drake Dental to partner with Carbon to switch to a digital process for creating night guards. The consistency and uptime of Carbon printers allowed Drake to not only meet demand but grow its business through printer accuracy and reliability. The printers rarely go down and the parts are reliably within Drakes’ tolerances. Drake is committed to making choices that will drive the best results and improve their laboratory.

Is your lab prepared for the growth in the night guard market?

Consult this Guide to Digital Night Guards from Carbon and Drake to learn about:

  1. The increasing night guard demand
  2. Differences between traditional and digital night guards
  3. Implementing digital night guard production
  4. What this could bring to your business

Download the Guide

3D as It’s Meant to Be

Interested in utilizing Carbon to expand your dental practice?
Reach out to us at dental@carbon3d.com to learn more!