Carbon Custom Production Software

Automate part customization and project preparation to produce custom parts at scale.

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A man testing a bicycle while someone else takes pressure measurements in an app

Customize Parts Automatically

With Carbon Custom Production Software, you can automatically apply design programs based on customized input data. Personalized data from scans, pressure maps, or other data sources becomes bespoke protective padding, personalized seating, or a customized orthopedic device without the need to manually create a design each time.

The arm of someone wearing a lab coat and latex glove, reaching out to press the print button on a Carbon printer

Just Hit Print

Customized print-ready parts are automatically packed onto build platforms for maximum efficiency and precision. Processes like orientation, supports, labels, and layout are handled programmatically, and builds can be automatically queued to a printer or sent to a manufacturer for production.

Looking over someone's shoulder while they customize the properties of the product being developed

Automation Your Way

Customers with existing digital manufacturing workflows can seamlessly integrate Carbon Custom Production Software into their process using simple APIs. Don’t have existing infrastructure or integration capabilities? No problem. Carbon offers a simple no-code interface to build and monitor automation programs.

A row of Carbon L1 printers in a lab

Custom Production at Scale

Producing unique parts at scale becomes not only feasible but also economically viable with additive manufacturing. With Carbon, all hardware, software, and materials are designed to work together to make radically better end-use products.

Trusted Integration Partners

Have big plans, but not sure your team has the time or skills needed to integrate Carbon Custom Production Software into your ecosystem?
Carbon can connect you with knowledgeable, trusted integration partners familiar with our technology who can help design and implement the workflow you need to develop custom products for your customers.

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Without the Carbon Design Engine API, and an expert integration partner in Toolkit3D, it would be impossible to fulfill retail orders, a major factor in our ability to make custom products available to anyone.
COSTANZO RAIMONDO Strategic Sourcing Manager, CCM Hockey

Carbon Custom Applications

Check out custom applications that customers have in production with Carbon.

The Fizik One-to-One bike saddle

Fizik: One-to-One Bike Saddle

A customized approach to saddle design directly addresses each rider’s comfort and performance needs all at once.

Carbon DPR 10 aligner models printing on an M2

Clear Aligner Manufacturing

More than 60 million unique dental models have been printed to date, with Carbon’s software driving decreased costs and increased scale.

The CCM Axis XF Goalie Mask

CCM AXIS XF Goalie Mask

The CCM AXIS XF goalie mask with Nest-Tech technology offers a custom fit for optimal performance and comfort.

A dental lab employee removing the tray from a Carbon printer

Dental Labs

Automating print preparation for dental labs reduces the labor associated with printing millions of personalized parts per year.

The CCM SUPER TACKS X Total Custom helmet

CCM Custom Helmet

The SUPER TACKS X Total Custom helmet with Nest Tech enhances performance while offering superior fit and breathability.

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