Carbon's Printer Software is Never Obsolete

The needs of Carbon customers will only grow and their aspirations will only rise, so we are always innovating. How do we improve prints without replacing the hardware? Software.

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Improving Carbon printers in the field

Regular over-the-air printer software updates and new cloud-based features mean print success, accuracy, and print speed will only improve over time.

Printer Operating System Software

Carbon’s Printer OS suite gives you the tools you need to operate your printers and run production.

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Printer Software

On-printer software guides the operation of your printer and allows you to intuitively and successfully prepare projects for printing. Quickly orient parts, add supports, and lay out parts on the platform. You can even alter your print plan (the instructions your printer will follow to execute a print) to troubleshoot tricky prints or optimize print time. Regular over-the-air updates allow Carbon to continually improve your printer and give you access to new features.

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Printer Dashboard

Manage a fleet of printers, schedule prints across multiple queues, and track printer and resin utilization. For sophisticated customers, specialized Production Tools allow you to centralize scaled production of parts and builds and share production-ready builds with sister facilities or contract manufacturers who have Carbon printers.

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Ecosystem Integration

Automate your design, print preparation, queue projects, and retrieve data about past prints via our RESTful API. Integrate data seamlessly into your MES, databases, and/or QMS.