Carbon 3D Printer Software Release Notes

Carbon 3D printers constantly get better, even after they’re installed. Regular software updates – included in the subscription – improve every aspect of the Carbon platform, offering improved user experience, faster and more accurate prints, more powerful design tools, and more sophisticated process management.

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V1.43 – JULY 2024

Changes in How We Print:

  • None. Printing behavior is not impacted by this release.

Print preparation improvements:

  • Improvements to part supporting workflows
  • Expanded functionality via Print Plan adjustments
  • Improvements to Print Profile selection options

Additional improvements:

  • Reduced incidence of projection errors due to light engine failures
  • New “Print Again” functionality (replaces “Reprint”)
  • Easier access to “Request Help” (removed “Rate Print”)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

V1.42 – APRIL 2024

Changes in How We Print:

  • Auto-brightlining for elastomeric resins for improved accuracy
  • New default slicing functionality

Print preparation improvements:

  • Improvements to Gen2 Auto Layout
  • New functionality via Print Plan Adjustments
  • Faster, more reliable textures
  • Outdated features deprecated

Additional improvements:

  • Automatic detection of debris, resin level, and cassette lids protects the hardware and reduces print failures
  • High-throughput printers can opt to automatically delete models to preserve disk storage space
  • Improved software update experience
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

V1.41 – January 2024

Changes in how we print:

  • Updated default print settings for EPU prints on an L1 printer with a B1 cassette
  • Improved accuracy for Dreve FotoDent® Gingiva, SIL 30, MPU 100, and Henkel Loctite® 3D IND 405 Clear resins

Print preparation improvements:

  • Improvements to Gen2 Auto Layout (BETA) including packing density and part rotation limits
  • More accurate print time estimates for L1, M3, and M3 Max printers

Additional improvements:

  • More navigable Prints and Projects lists
  • Improved software update experience instructing users not to power off their printers while the update is in progress
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

V1.40 – September 2023

Changes in how we print:

  • Improved default print plans and faster print times for rigid resins on L1, M3, and M3 Max printers
  • Modification to oxygen supply for M3 and M3 Max printers
  • Better automatic part scaling to drive dimensional accuracy for EPU 45 damping

Print preparation improvements:

  • Snap multiple parts to the platform at once with Auto Snap (BETA)
  • Improvements to the Print Plan Adjustments interface
  • More accurate print time estimates for M3 and M3 Max printers
  • Print preparation speed improvements
  • Support for Flexcera™️ Smile Ultra+ resins

Additional improvements:

  • Miscellaneous bugfixes
  • Easily rename printers on demand

V1.39 – April 2023

Changes in how we print

  • Improved default print plans for elastomeric resins on L1, M3, and M3 Max printers
  • Better automatic part scaling to drive improved dimensional accuracy
  • Improved accuracy for select resin & hardware combinations

Print preparation improvements:

  • Improved tools & capabilities for adjusting print plans
  • Select a resin during project creation
  • More accurate print time estimates for M3 printers

Additional improvements:

  • Various bugfixes
  • New printer software Version Lock option
  • Updated resin pot life recommendations (not governed by software)

v1.38 – December 2022

Changes in how we print

  • Improved print quality for Keystone KeyDenture Try-In with thinner slices

Printer experience improvements

  • More accurate print time estimates for L1 printers
  • Improved zoom behavior options in the Print Preparation UI
  • Gen2 Auto-Layout (BETA) for higher-density packing
  • Denture auto-nest: improved error-handling and flexible user preferences
  • “Print Date” token for labels
  • Show/hide part bounding box

Other improvements

  • Improved performance for the M3 printer

v1.37 – October 2022

Changes in how we print

  • Improved accuracy for DPR 10 prints

Printer experience improvements

  • Support improvements
  • Faster and more robust slicing
  • Improvements to print plan adjustments (advanced controls)

Other improvements

  • User experience improvements for M3 printers
  • Support for early-access M3 Max printers
  • Various issue resolutions

v1.36 – August 2022

Changes in how we print

  • Faster print times for EPU 41 Black
  • New EPU print script on L1 printers to achieve better printability with less effort

Printer experience improvements

  • Simplified auto-orientation options save time
  • New manual supports interface enhances ease of use
  • Editable parameters for support structures allow more flexibility
  • Fine-tuned timing mechanisms for increased fidelity to the print plan

Other improvements

  • New wash profiles for the Smart Part Washer support broader range of part applications

v1.35 – April 2022

Changes in how we print

  • Resin heating to reduce print-to-print variation

Printer experience improvements

  • Overhang detection tool for easier support placement

v1.34 – February 2022

Changes in how we print

  • Faster EPU printing on M1 and M2 printers

New features

  • Elastomeric support in auto orientation (BETA)

Printer experience improvements

  • UX enhancements for resin selection

Other improvements

  • Streamlined administrative tools

v1.33 – November 2021

Changes in how we print

  • Increase in print speed on L1s for thermally-limited builds
  • Increased efficacy of EPU 40 prints
  • Improved printability on M-Series printers

Printer experience improvements

  • Better estimates for L1 print times
  • Better slicing option for STLs

v1.32 – August 2021

Changes in how we print

  • Improving consistency of parts across a build and printers

Other improvements

  • Improvements to Basic Auto and patch support tools
  • Expanded capabilities of Auto Orientation Beta tool
  • More default options for Aut Orientation and Support tools

v1.31 – June 2021

Printer experience improvements

  • Streamlined project creation

New features

  • Auto orientation tool (beta for rigid parts)
  • Improved fence supports

v1.30 – April 2021

Printer experience improvements

  • Show/hide parts on a build

v1.29 – January 2021

Printer experience improvements

  • Improved resilience for poorly meshed models
  • Improved UI performance

v1.28 – October 2020

Support for L1 printers

Printer experience improvements

  • Improvements when requesting help
  • Refreshed UI style

v1.27 – September 2020

More accurate printing

Fast project analysis

New features

  • Island detector improvements
  • New printing workflow control

Denture automation tool


Due to COVID-19 and shelter-in-place restrictions, we’ve skipped releasing v1.26 externally.

v1.25 – March 2020

New features

  • Automatic island detector
  • Washer soil load estimator

v1.24 – December 2019

New features

  • Boundary fence with patch-based supports
  • Orientation and translation improvements
  • Release film indicator on printer screen
  • Printer name and serial number on the printer screen
  • Unique identifier for new prints
  • Company-wide preferences

v1.23 – October 2019

Faster prints

New features

  • Queue a project revision
  • Download individual parts
  • Set user preference for Auto Layout
  • One-keystroke part labels
  • Run project estimates easily

v1.22 – June 2019

More accurate printing

New features

  • Secure Carbon files
  • Keep supports through a resin change

v1.21- April 2019

Faster auto layout

Patch-based support placement

v1.20 – January 2019

More accurate printing of parts with thick cross sections

Introducing Queueing

  • See new Queues tab on your Dashboard
  • Find projects to print from the Fleet Projects list
  • Queue them to any or many printers in your fleet
  • Monitor and update your queue(s) from your Dashboard
  • Manage part serial numbers and IDs across your fleet
  • Start prints on the printer
  • Keep track of projects and prints across your fleet
  • Save notes about your print

Management Analytics

  • Download consolidated print history
  • Understand your print history with 3 summary charts

Deploy software updates across your fleet

v1.19 – October 2018

STL file repair

  • Automatically detect and repair holes in STLs

Additional dynamic part labels

  • Part locations
  • Filenames

Create printable (2D) views of your platforms

v1.18 – July 2018

New options for Auto Layout

Smaller .carbon file sizes

v1.17 – April 2018

Improvements in layout

  • Flexible camera helps detect part and support intersections
  • Lock orientation of your parts when using Auto Layout
  • Spin your parts to fit more on the platform

Part scaling

  • Scale your parts independently in x, y, and z

Improved camera tool can be locked on a specific part

Defaults may be set for each user for resin, slice thickness, support type, and print profile

v1.16 – February 2018

Select multiple parts to move, copy, and delete

Add printed part labels to your parts

Short supports may be added manually

v1.15 – November 2017

Introducing advanced auto supports that are backed by FEA (finite element analysis), a powerful computational technique that simulates the forces of our printing process

Create fence supports by specifying polylines

v1.14 – October 2017

See all the parts in your project using Part List

Detect issues before you print using Project Analysis

Visualize unvented volumes in your project

Highlight overhang angles on your parts

Protect projects from accidental changes

Search consolidated prints from all your printers


v1.13 – August 2017

More accurate parts, especially negative features oriented in the z-direction

Better performance when working with copies of a part

Notifications when we detect an empty slice

A user preference for which units your models usually use

v1.12 – June 2017

New, faster ways to orient your parts

  • Align a surface and snap, if possible, to the build platform
  • Find the orientation for your part that minimizes its footprint on the platform

Improved tools for working with your parts

New tool allows you to measure from point to point on your parts

v1.11 – May 2017

Improved print accuracy

  • Tuned printing for fine and super-fine slicing
  • Better accuracy across the build platform

Easier to work with multiple models

  • Duplicate parts on build platform
  • Auto Layout
  • Upload multiple models at once

Improved auto supports

Various improvements and fixes for supports, small features, and part intersections

View slices from within the Carbon app

v1.10 – March 2017

Faster printing with dynamic print profile

Improved part accuracy in x-y plane

Re-run a previous print

Support improvements

  • Add multiple supports more quickly
  • Smarter support bars provide better support, especially for tough materials
  • Clustering of supports for easier removal
  • Better supports for RPU parts

User interface improvements for multi-part selection

v1.09 – December 2016

Improved print accuracy

Workflows for multiple models

  • Duplicate a model
  • Arrange your models
  • Upload multiple STLs


  • Auto-supports provide more complete support
  • Supports tuned for thin features
  • Stronger support for overhangs close to the platform
  • Easier to add small supports manually
  • Auto-supports generate faster

Improvements to functionality for large models with a very high triangle count

v1.08 – October 2016


  • Better support for thicker sections of printed parts
  • Improved support along the edges of printed parts
  • Automatic optimization of support types

Workflow improvements

  • Multi-delete of supports
  • Unified access to view controls
  • Part and support opacity options

v1.07 – August 2016

Slicing improvements

Better printing of trapped volumes

Workflow improvements

  • Manual add and delete supports mode
  • Clipping plane tool to see and add supports on the inside of a part, as well as visualize the build plane when you set the plane parallel to the build platform
  • More responsive display during panning and zooming
  • Export and import projects
  • Receive email notifications when prints finish


  • Add small supports to your models, both in manual and auto-support modes
  • Support tips optimized for PR, RPU 61 and CE resins
  • Stronger supports for Elastomers