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Carbon is reinventing the way polymeric products are designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered. Carbon is transforming protective gear for football and beyond.

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Introducing the Carbon SpeedCell™

The SpeedCell™ is a system of connected manufacturing unit operations that enables repeatable production of end-use parts at any scale. The M Series printers and the automated Smart Part Washer are the first in a series of modular offerings that allow a wide range of industries to design, engineer, make and deliver end-use parts with one common manufacturing workflow.

More than a machine

With a Carbon subscription, your hardware is paired with industry-leading predictive service, our full suite of materials, and continually updated next-generation software.


Featuring the widest range of properties in additive manufacturing, our materials uniquely combine high resolution, exceptional surface quality, and mechanical properties tuned for production. From consumer product elastomers to high-temperature automotive materials, our offering is growing at an unprecedented rate.

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We built our business around a subscription pricing model to ensure that our success is tied to the success of our customers. The subscription future-proofs our customers from the obsolescence of traditional capital equipment purchases. With a Carbon subscription, your device is paired with our industry-leading service, compatibility with all of our materials, and continual software updates. It also makes it possible to leverage current products without losing the ability to upgrade as new products are released.

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