Automatic Operation - Hardware

Meticulously engineered automated solutions to help bring your production to the next level.

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An icon showing an arrow pointing down over several lines, representing reduced time to print

AO Polishing Cassette

The AO Polishing Cassette allows you to produce drastically smoother and clearer parts right off of the printer by using advanced light scattering technology during printing.

An icon showing what could be a physical backpack for carrying supplies

AO Backpack

Unlock around-the-clock production with the AO Backpack for M3. Run continuous print cycles with automatic part removal, unused resin capture, resin refill, and part collection with minimal downtime between cycles.

AO Backpack Features

AO Backpack separation blade - automated blade separating newly printed parts from the platform

Separation Blade

Say goodbye to the hammer you’ve been using to separate parts from the build plate. The automatic separation blade uses incremental tolerances to consistently separate parts from the build plate between every print.

AO Backpake parts basket - someone removing a backet of 3D printed parts from the printer

Parts Basket

Collect parts from multiple prints automatically, printing up to 12 hours and collecting upwards of 230 parts, depending on design and geometry. Wake up to a batch of ready-to-go parts and keep production flowing effortlessly as the Backpack starts the next job.

AO Backpack resin reclaim - allowing the resin to drip back into the reservoir

Resin Reclamation

The AO Backpack’s parts collection basket is engineered to capture unused resin from recently printed parts. Its proven design allows for the reclamation of resin by draining it away from the printed parts, leading to a more cost-effective and sustainable production process.

AO Backpack resin refill - a tube that pours reclaimed resin back into the printing tray

Automatic Resin Refill

The AO Backpack leverages reservoirs to enable automatic resin refill, maintaining optimal resin levels for each print while minimizing downtime.

AO Backpack adjustable automation through the Print OS interface

Adjustable Automation

The AO Backpack is more than just a solution for unstaffed shifts. Switch the Backpack into manual mode for printing during staffed shifts, and automatic mode during unstaffed shifts.