Scale to Production with the Carbon Production Network

The Carbon Production Network (CPN) is a global ecosystem of leading industry design firms and contract manufacturers who are experts in the Carbon idea-to-production platform. Find a CPN partner based on your needs and leverage the power of the Carbon platform to design, develop, and produce radically better products.

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Why work with a CPN Partner

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Produce Parts Locally

CPN partners are located all around the world– get connected with one near you and leverage the power of the Carbon platform without any capital expenditure.

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Manufacturing Expertise

CPN partners are trained in Carbon technology. Many have industry certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949 as well as experience in programs that require PPAP submission. and can work with you to produce the best version of your product.

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Scale Quickly with Ease

The Carbon platform allows CPN partners to create high-quality, end-use parts faster than traditional manufacturing methods: CPN partners can help take your project from prototype to production, all on the same platform– shortening production timelines and scaling to production of any volume.

Find your partner

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