Premium Software Creates Premium Products

Carbon strives to improve its customers’ experience without requiring cumbersome hardware replacements. Over-the-air printer software updates, new features on Design Engine, and improvements to topology optimization on CogniCAD mean our customers always get the latest and greatest tools and features available.

What Our customers Say

“When designing a Mirror saddle you have more of an X-Acto blade [with Design Engine]. You can get really precise.” Emma Boucher Saddles Product Manager, Specialized

“With Carbon’s release of software version 1.40, we experienced print time reduction by 15% to 25%, which shows Carbon’s commitment to increasing throughput and reducing costs for production applications for partners.” Lauren Good Sea Air Space Machining & Molding, TTH

“What’s exciting to us is the innovation that Carbon’s working on to make things more economical, make things work faster, use less resin.” Jeff Lowthorp VP of Business Development, Argen

Meet Carbon’s Software

Create your next breakthrough product with Carbon’s software tools. Customize your product, generate multi-zonal lattices, optimize topology, prepare efficient prints, and manage your printing process.

Carbon Design Engine sotfware interface

Design Engine

Carbon Design Engine empowers designers to make precisely tuned, high-performance products. Design Engine can help you find the right design to meet mechanical, performance, and aesthetic requirements.

CogniCAD sotfware interface


CogniCAD refines your design by optimizing the topology and improving manufacturability and structural integrity using inspection data, saving you time and money.

Carbon Printer Software interface

Printer Operating System

Carbon’s Printer OS suite gives you the tools you need to prepare prints for automation, maximum efficiency, operate your printers, and run production.