A Robust 3D Printing Solution for Orthodontics

The groundbreaking Carbon Digital Light Synthesis (Carbon DLS) 3D printing process is transforming the way orthodontic models and appliances are produced in labs today. Fast print speeds, production-grade hardware, and efficient workflows are helping labs produce accurate parts consistently, reliably, and profitably.

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Dandy and the M3 Max

Hear Sam Wainwright, head of R&D at Dandy, talk about using the new M3 Max for model production.

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Great Orthodontic Appliances Start With Great Models

The Carbon M-series printers and DPR 10 material for production models satisfy all the needs of a high-production orthodontic lab.

3 Denture Models
Accuracy and Consistency
Carbon orthodontic model accuracy averages 96% of the surface within +/- 100 microns, eliminating the need for recurring calibrations by users.
Best-in-Class Part Costs

The Carbon M-series printers are simple and efficient to operate, offering higher yields, greater throughput, and streamlined digital workflows, which results in competitive part costs and a compelling return on investment.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Consistent accuracy across the entire build platform and exceptional material properties ensure your models perform and yield effective appliances for patients.

A Platform for Success You Can Count On

In the high-volume, tight turnaround environment of orthodontic labs, the importance of having a reliable and dependable manufacturing process cannot be overstated. With industry-leading reliability, advanced remote monitoring capabilities, and real-time customer support via an integrated service package, there is no better 3D printing solution than Carbon.

Rated #1 in:

Customer Satisfaction
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(Source: National Association of Dental Labs 3D printing survey)

“Running a lab is stressful enough, and one thing I don’t want to stress about is printing. That’s why I choose Carbon.”
Lance Dowdle, Excel Orthodontics Inc.

Fast and Efficient Workflow

Process Workflow Diagram


M2 throughput approximations:

Solid Full Palate Orthodontic Models

Solid Clear Aligner Models


Tray of Aligner Models

Scale Clear Aligner Production with the L1

Labs producing higher volumes of clear aligner models may be a good fit for Carbon’s L1 production solution. A single L1 printer can produce 800–1000 clear aligner models per day.

Expand Your Lab’s Production Capabilities

With Carbon, you can seamlessly change between materials and produce multiple applications on the same printer. Thanks to our growing portfolio of best-in-class 3D printing materials, you can produce splints, night guards, bleaching trays, and indirect bonding trays on the Carbon platform.

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