L1 Production Solution for

Clear Aligner Models


As clear aligners continue to increase in demand, companies are progressively searching for a flexible production solution that can scale. Whether your lab is just starting to manufacture clear aligners or growing an existing line, Carbon can help you ramp up and quickly scale with the L1 production solution for clear aligner models.

After seeing rapid growth in its Smile Shapers and Tru-Smile brands of sequential aligners, Derby Dental discovered a new level of reliability with the L1 production solution, ultimately increasing clear aligner production by 60% while simultaneously improving uptime.

Designed to Scale

The L1 Production Solution is designed to scale to many tens of thousands of orthodontic models per day offering exceptional throughput by printing an entire case – 30 models in just 35 minutes. As more printers are added to the fleet, the supporting components can be added as needed to support throughput.

Solventless Post-Processing

Scaling production with isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is messy— it’s hazardous, costly, wasteful, and requires storage space. The L1 production solution for clear aligner models makes post-processing easy by eliminating solvents like IPA with the use of a spinner. The spinner makes scaling production simple and far more cost-effective by saving the cost of IPA, reclaiming excess resin for future use, and eliminating the need to store and dispose of IPA.





Digital Automation

Carbon L1 Production Solution is an optimized orthodontic model production with available API for a completely digital production solution that automates common workflows. The L1 Integrated software provides :

  • Incoming case management
  • Auto-nest and packs the build platform
  • Auto-queuing across a fleet of printers
  • Real-time fleet status
  • Real-time analytics.



Up-To-Date Fleet Status

Real-Time Analytics