Carbon HQ Virtual Tour

Behind the Scenes Tour of Carbon

Join Carbon Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer Phil DeSimone for a virtual tour of the Carbon headquarters in Redwood City, California.

Carbon Printer Lab.png


Welcome – Carbon Ethos

Hear from Phil about the key beliefs that helped launch Carbon, the IP and patents that set us apart, and the operating principles that propel us forward.

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The M2 Printer and Materials Lab

Meet our flagship printer, the M2, and learn how teams of Carbon applications engineers, hardware engineers, and material scientists collaborate to produce game-changing products.

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The L1 Lab

See where next-gen products like the adidas 4D midsole, Riddell Diamond helmet, and Specialized S-Works Power saddle all began.

L1 Printer for General Purpose

Big Parts or Lots of Parts

Whether you’re looking for consistent, high-volume production of large parts or many smaller parts, the Carbon L1 3D printer has you covered.

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Carbon Software

Acting as the tightly-knit web that connects and integrates the various sectors of our business, our software is fundamental to the success of Carbon.

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CCM hockey helmet

Design Better Products Faster

The Carbon® Design Engine is a powerful new tool for developing parts with unique mechanical properties. Through tunable metamaterials and automated design capabilities, we’re advancing lattice geometries to help companies create revolutionary products.

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3D as It’s Meant to Be