Automatic Operation - Software

The AO Suite features software tools that enable streamlined file preparation, fast and simple nesting, and custom feature design to power a seamless, user-friendly, and automated experience.

AO Suite - Automated Print Prep interface on a Macbook
An icon showing a geared cog inside a circle, representing the ability to automate a process

Automatic Print Preparation

Free your team from desk-bound print prep workflows by using Automatic Print Preparation for maximum efficiency and precision.

  • Automatically upload print-ready parts at any time, day or night
  • Efficiently pack parts onto print platforms, keeping orders together for easier sorting
  • Automatically queue prints to eliminate downtime
  • Automate the performance of your best human technician for greater consistency and improved print success
AO Suite - No-Code Automation builder interface on a Macbook
An icon showing a software screen or user interface with a mouse cursor

No-Code Automation Builder

Build custom print recipes from a selection of applications, resins, and design features to quickly and simply meet your unique production needs.

  • Use your preferred file system and naming conventions
  • Build workflows that suit your lab’s needs and preferences
  • Monitor automated processes and easily track the progress of a case or file through the system