Argen Switches to Digital for Carbon’s Service, Quality, and Innovation

Jeff Lowthorp, VP of Business Development, talks about how Argen harnessed the power of a Carbon M3 printer to make their dental lab more successful. They wanted to open a digital center, and the Carbon printer was the only one that delivered the quality that made the switch to digital feasible.

It was very easy to get started with the M3. It was up and running fast and fit right into their production schedule. They run 22 hours a day, printing 98% of models with almost no downtime. Lowthorp calls Carbon “the dependable print technology.”

In four months they achieved:

  • 80 print hours a week
  • 0 hard downs
  • 60% higher throughput

Meet the new M3 and M3 Max printers.

While Argen says Carbon sets the gold standard in service and quality, it’s the innovation that is its differentiator. Carbon is always looking to be more economical, faster, and use less resin; essentially, to be the most productive print technology.

3D as It’s Meant to Be

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