Going Digital Allowed Me to Deliver the Best Denture Possible for My Patients

Featuring Dr. Lori Trost, DMD

Dr. Lori Trost is the founder of Trost Dental Care, a comprehensive restorative and preventive-based practice in the Greater St. Louis area. She offers post-graduate courses to dentists and their teams that focus on solid restorative dentistry principles, digital workflow solutions, and exceptional team building. She is a recognized author, clinical evaluator, and editorial board member. Dr. Trost has also been honored by the ADA with a Shils Foundation Award, named a “Top 25” Woman in Dentistry and once again Leader in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today.

Dr. Trost discovered digital dentures by chance when at the start of the Covid lock-down a patient came into her office with a broken denture. Dr. Trost was not a fan of traditionally produced dentures due to the time commitment and challenge in achieving quality results that led to unsatisfied patients. But after working with her dental lab who helped her deliver a digitally produced 3D printed denture, it changed her entire perception about dentures and led her to become an advocate and educator for the adoption of a digital solution for removable prosthetics.

Facing extreme challenges with traditional manufacturing methods, Dr. Trost turned to digital workflow methods, additive manufacturing, and premium materials to deliver dentures with accuracy and precision that far exceeds traditionally produced dentures.

Find Out How Dr. Trost Utilized Digital Methods To Improve The Quality Of Her Care And Boost Her Bottom Line

This case study will help you determine the viability of adding a digital workflow to your denture production by exploring the following:

  1. Why you should consider a new denture production method for your practice
  2. How your practice would improve with digital denture production
  3. How you can get digital dentures for your patients
  4. Dr. Trost’s recommendations for adopting a digital denture workflow for your practice

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Find a lab that can provide you with Digital Dentures, powered by Carbon

Dr. Trost can not emphasize enough the importance of finding a lab partner that you can trust and that has the digital denture knowledge to help you on this digital denture journey. Use the Carbon Dental Lab Locator to find a lab with the proper digital expertise to take your practice to the next level.

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