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KeyDenture Try-In

Ideal for printing try-in dentures.

Biocompatible, Fast, Cost-Effective

KeyDenture Try-In is a printable resin for short-term trial dentures, intended for evaluation of fit, occlusion, esthetics, and phonetics during try-in appointments.

  • Biocompatible material having excellent mechanical properties and surface finish
  • Simple to characterize and polish to a high luster
  • Offered in A1, B1, and BL4 shades

Producing with KeyDenture Try-In on the Carbon platform yields an efficient and cost-effective workflow. A batch of try-ins can be completely printed and post-processed in approximately 2 hours.

3D Printed Upper Denture

Indications for Use

KeyDenture Try-In is indicated for short term try-in dentures, intended to evaluate bite registration and occlusion for fully and partially edentulous patients. The material is free of MMA, BPA, and phthalates.

KeyDenture Try-In is available in the US, Canada, and the EU (UK included).

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Data Sheets and additional documentation are available from Keystone Industries.

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