3D Printed Denture

Accurate, color stable, durable

The First FDA Cleared 3D Printed Dentures

DENTCA 3D Printed Denture is sold by DENTCA for use on Carbon printers in the United States, and available to produce 3D printed denture bases and denture teeth. The solution is composed of two FDA-cleared (Class II) materials: DENTCA Denture Base II and DENTCA Denture Teeth. When used together, these two materials produce completely digitally manufactured dentures. DENTCA Denture Try-in is also available as part of the workflow for temporary fit evaluation before production of final dentures.

With these materials, dental laboratories can quickly produce 3D printed dentures using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology. Carbon’s technology revolutionizes production of dentures, making them significantly easier to produce, with improved efficiency and reduced time to manufacture.

DENTCA 3D Printed Denture Parts

Whether you are making one or a million, with Carbon printers you can produce end-use parts with industrial grade materials and exceptional surface finish. We’re honored to be working with customers who are building the products and businesses of the future.

Discover DENTCA 3D Printed Denture and Carbon

Data Sheets and additional documentation are available from DENTCA.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Instructions For Use (IFU)