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Stiff, strong, highly accurate

Stiff, Strong, Highly Accurate

KeyGuide is a biocompatible resin for manufacturing surgical drill guides used in dental implant surgery. A robust formulation yields a final product with superior accuracy and strength.

  • Class I 3D Printing resin indicated for intraoral use in guided dental implant surgery
  • High strength and stiffness for withstanding typical forces during use
  • Exceptional accuracy ensuring consistent fit of the guide and sleeves
  • Autoclave sterilizable

Producing with KeyGuide on the Carbon platform yields a workflow that is unparalleled in efficiency, quality, and consistency, enabling labs to completely produce 8-12 surgical guides in under 2 hours. The resin is available in the US, Canada, EU, UK, and Australia.

KeyGuide's Being Printed

Produce better parts

Surgical Guides Being Printed

Isotropic Parts with Unmatched Surface Finish

Surgical guides produced using Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™) have outstanding mechanical properties, resolution, and surface finish.

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CT Scan of Surgical Guide

Exceptional Accuracy

Carbon’s sophisticated print plan adjusts and optimizes for any guide geometry, yielding high accuracy of complex surfaces printed at various angles. This results in consistent accuracy of the critical intaglio surface and sleeve ports, necessities for an effective surgical guide.

The image above show CT scans of surgical guides produced using Carbon DLS and KeyGuide resin. A green surface indicates accuracy within 150 microns of the .stl file.

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Data Sheets and additional documentation are available from Keystone Industries.

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