FotoDent® Cast

Fast and accurate, clean burn out

Material for Molded Parts and Dental Casts

Dreve FotoDent Cast is sold by Dreve for use on Carbon printers in the United States, Europe, and Canada, and is available to produce burn-out molded parts for the dental casting technique. The material is transparent red, burns without residue, and is compatible with all commercially available investment materials.

With this material, dental laboratories can quickly produce burn-out molded parts for removable partial denture frameworks and crowns in a digital workflow using Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology.

FotoDent® Cast

  • Elongation At Break

    7.5 %
  • Flexural Modulus

    2000 MPa 290 ksi
  • Flexural Strength

    100 MPa 15 ksi
  • Cauterization Residual Ash Content

    1.5 %

Discover FotoDent Cast and Carbon

Data Sheets and additional documentation are available from Dreve.

Dreve FotoDent Cast Parts

Whether you are making one or a million, with Carbon printers you can produce end-use parts with industrial grade materials and exceptional surface finish. We’re honored to be working with customers who are building the products and businesses of the future.

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Dreve Fotodent Cast Frame.jpg