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Dental Lab Case Studies


NEO Lab Boosts Speed and Uptime for Thermoforming Applications

Learn why NEO Lab, one of the largest family-owned orthodontics laboratories in the U.S., decided to partner with Carbon for a complete Digital Manufacturing dental solution.

“NEO Lab can produce 33% more parts compared to NEO Lab’s polymer jetting printers in the same amount of time.”

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Ziemek Dental Identifies Impressive ROI with Carbon

Discover why Ziemek Dental Lab, continuing the Ziemek legacy of adopting new technologies, added Carbon’s proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™. See what factors went into their decision-making process and their return on investment (ROI) framework.

“Ziemek successfully solved their three biggest challenges (inconsistency, unpredictable cost structure, and increasing dental model production costs) in the last nine months leveraging Carbon’s M Series printers, resulting in more satisfied dentists – their main customers.”

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Derby Dental Quickly Scales to Meet Thermoforming Customer Needs

Read why Derby Dental, one of the largest family-run dental labs in the U.S., invested in one Carbon M2 printer to produce tens of thousands of printed models for thermoforming. They also integrated a Carbon Smart Part Washer (SPW) into their production workflows as a scalable post-processing solution.

“Derby Dental increased production by 60% with the improved uptime while enjoying speed, accuracy, quality, and the simplicity of digital workflows with Carbon.”

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Who is Carbon?

Carbon is the world’s #1 Digital Manufacturing Platform for Digital Dentistry.  

Carbon enables you to accelerate your production and revenue growth with the full range of high-quality Digital Dentistry products.

  • All lab applications, including dentures, splints, trays, models, gingiva masks, and surgical guides
  • Clinically acceptable accuracy with prints typically within +/- 50 um
  • Highly reliable with little to no downtime; no redundant equipment needed
  • Regular over-the-air software updates that drive performance and innovation in your lab
  • Validated digital workflows that are open and compatible with any .STL file
  • A complete lab lineup of M-series printers, Smart Part Washer, L1 Production Solution for Clear Aligner Models and best-in-class dental materials