PRINOA Promises Dental Labs Fast, Reliable Production with Carbon Workflow

PRINOA offers technology for the dental industry at the click of a mouse: simple, digital, and fast. As an online milling center for dental technology, they produce semi-finished dental parts of the highest quality in the shortest possible time. With a convenient ordering experience and completely digital order processing, they make the work of dental technicians and laboratories noticeably easier. Their goal is to set new standards in the dental industry through the combination of customer focus, transparent processes, and production at the highest technological level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Startup PRINOA chose Carbon to get its labs up and running fast, reliably, and accurately.
  • They accept late orders until 6 pm and promise to turn them around and ship within 24 hours.
  • Carbon’s workflow will allow them to scale quickly and easily as demand grows, and Carbon’s support team continues to help them optimize their process.

Taking Late Orders, Shipping within 24 Hours

PRINOA is the only lab in the industry with a late order acceptance time of 6 pm. They promise to produce and ship within 24 hours, and they can keep this promise due to their stable processes. This is all the more impressive because they have only been producing since June 2022. The workflow Carbon recommended to them from the start has consistently produced the highly accurate, smooth parts that allow them to stay on schedule.

Getting Set Up: PRINOA’s Choice to Use Carbon

Because PRINOA was starting from scratch, they could choose from any dental manufacturing technologies and processes available. Marcus Kalb, founder and CEO of PRINOA, had positive previous experiences with Carbon, so they were shortlisted.

In the end, Kalb and his team were convinced by the combination of state-of-the-art and high-precision technology and the “total package” that Carbon offers. By opting for the Carbon M2, they not only got a 3D printer, but a complete production process. The advantage, especially for a startup, was that PRINOA did not need to waste resources on development and was able to fall back on Carbon’s existing experience.

The printer installation went smoothly, and the system was up and running in only one day. Then they just needed to create fit parameters and the databases for 3shape and exocad. Just four days after the arrival of the printer, PRINOA was fully ready to deliver.

Accurate, Fast Turnaround with Carbon’s Workflow

PRINOA produces its print products according to the workflow specified by Carbon to achieve the highest reliability. Thanks to the innovative Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™) process, PRINOA can offer high-precision products with uniform, smooth surfaces. This eliminates the need for time-consuming post-processing for the dental technician.

All the processes at PRINOA are optimally coordinated to produce extremely efficiently and quickly. The integration of the 3D printer into the overall process was straightforward and worked smoothly, leading to high manufacturing reproducibility and the highest quality day after day.

Their Carbon printer continues to convince the PINOA team that they made the right decision due to its excellent and consistent manufacturing quality, high precision, and reliability. If they have any problems, Carbon support helps them proficiently and quickly around the clock, so that the printer always delivers the maximum quality.

PRINOA also knows they can quickly scale their capacities as order volumes increase by relying on the expertise of Carbon in the further development of their product portfolio and by strategically expanding machinery in the medium term. For a startup, it is particularly important to ensure rapid scalability. Since the start of production in June 2022, PRINOA’s order volume has been growing steadily, but their aim is to produce even larger quantities in a validated process that results in consistently high quality. Carbon support actively assists them with finding potential optimization opportunities and new ideas to find a solution for (almost) every challenge.

“Carbon’s 3D printer is the perfect addition to our production process. It enables us to deliver dental products of the highest quality. Consistent and reliable.”
Marcus Kalb founder and CEO of PRINOA

3D as It’s Meant to Be

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