Introducing the Rawlings’ REV1X

Ultra-lightweight, form-fitting and game-ready –– a glove that consistently gives you unmatched playability across the field. The Rawlings REV1X rewrites glove history, while shaping its future, made possible with the Carbon DLS™ process.

Francisco Lindor, Team Rawlings

Innovation for Ultimate Performance

Rawlings wanted to make a new glove that would revolutionize defensive play with several innovative, performance-driven technologies. Traditional gloves can take weeks or even months to become game-ready, but Rawlings sought to reduce this time without compromising on durability so that the glove would maintain its shape and playing form longer. Additionally, it’s critical that the catching pocket be soft and complemented by a stiff pinky and thumb to give the player confidence and control while securing the ball on the diamond.

Traditional methods of glove construction utilize felt inserts to reinforce the thumb and pinky but in order to meet these new high-performance standards, Rawlings needed a material that would allow fine control over the stiffness without increasing weight.

Rawlings turned to Carbon and the DLS process to design and print precision-tuned lattice stabilizers that would achieve this. Carbon’s FPU 50 material provides the optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. FPU 50’s malleability allows the glove to conform to the player’s hand and maintain its ideal shape longer than traditional materials. The result is an ultra-lightweight, professional glove that can be game-ready faster and stay game-ready longer.



Reduction in Weight


Stiffness to Weight Ratio


Tougher than Felt

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Materials that Perform

Carbon offers a wide range of engineering-grade materials suitable for high-performance applications.

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Carbon Design Engine™

Lattice designs offer many mechanical and performance advantages. With Carbon Design Engine™ these benefits are more accessible than ever.

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Carbon DLS: A Platform For Success

The Rawlings’ REV1X is the physical embodiment of Rawlings’ desire to enhance player performance across the diamond with new methods of construction and advanced technologies. It’s a game-changing technology that’s here to stay and thanks to Rawlings’ relentless pursuit of innovation and the Carbon DLS ecosystem.

High-Performance Products Faster

Even with over 130 years of glove-making expertise, Rawlings realizes that challenging the existing standards of design is no small task. Carbon’s application development team collaborated closely with Rawlings’ team of designers, blending their creativity and Carbon DLS design expertise with Rawlings’ in-depth knowledge of glove manufacturing.

“Carbon’s team really helped us push the limits with this glove, and having our own printer at our facility meant that we could try designs as soon as we thought of them.”

-Ryan Farrar, Sr. Director of Ball Gloves, Rawlings

Rawlings and Carbon iterated on countless lattice designs over a drastically reduced development timeline before landing on the optimal pattern. With unlimited access to a Carbon M2 printer, Rawlings’ team of designers could iterate very quickly, testing ideas and avoiding the usual expensive pitfalls of traditional development processes along the way.


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From Idea to Reality


Project Kickoff

Carbon led a design sprint workshop at Rawlings which led to clear product requirements, vision, and support from executives.


Rawlings Installs M2

Rawlings begins 3D printing files in-house with lattice designs provided by Carbon’s Application Engineers.


Handoff to Fast Radius

Fast Radius begins work with Rawlings to mass-produce the REV1X’s final lattice designs.

Scaling Up Production with the Carbon Production Network

Close care and attention to detail at every step in the product development process is a hallmark of the Carbon product and partner ecosystem. Fast Radius, a Carbon certified production partner, gets the details right, guiding customers, like Rawlings, through the entire product lifecycle with their Cloud Manufacturing Platform™.


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Once the design of the inserts was locked, Fast Radius began collaborating with Rawlings to optimize for production efficiency, yield, and speed. It was critical that the handoff of projects from design to production is thorough, frictionless, and transparent to ensure success and return on investment for Rawlings.


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Project Details


Carbon M2

Smart Part Washer


FPU 50


Fast Radius

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