Carbon Design Engine

Powerful Lattice Design Software for Precisely Tuned, High-Performance Products

Carbon Design Engine is a cloud-based lattice design generator that automates the process of creating conformal, multi-zone lattices, saving engineers significant time and effort in designing breakthrough products.

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Accelerated development: Go from idea to a functional latticed part in hours

Design Engine’s powerful cloud-based computation can generate advanced conformal lattices in minutes. Pair with a 3D printer, and go from idea to printed part in just a few hours.

Designed for designers: Save time by eliminating tedious, rote work

Design lattices that work right away. Carbon Design Engine reduces and usually eliminates any need for the tedious, manual editing of struts or structures post-generate. Carbon Design Engine automatically resolves lattice features, both large and small, while robustly transitioning between different zones inside the same part for tunable performance.

Proven in production

The core lattice technology in Carbon Design Engine has been used to deliver award-winning products from companies like Specialized and CCM.

The Specialized Romin saddle with Mirror technology

The latest high-performance product to use Design Engine for ultimate control.

How It Works

Define Multiple Performance Zones and Optimize Each Independently

Precisely control performance characteristics across multiple zones in your product for massive tunability of a single material. This capability leverages different lattice cell types, cell sizes, or strut diameters to create different zones of performance. Design Engine uses patent pending technology to seamlessly blend zones, producing attractive, functional lattices ready to use in real-world applications.

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Choose Your Printer

Design Engine offers compatibility with most common additive manufacturing techniques by outputting generated lattices as STLs.

Carbon DLS (EPU 41)
Stratasys PolyJet (Digital Clear 70A)

Learn From Application Engineers

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Software that Enables You to Design Better Performing Products

Lattices deliver unique performance characteristics that can differentiate your product. Here are examples of products, some made with Design Engine, that have improved with a latticed design.

Impact Absorption & Comfort
CCM Helmet

Comfort & Pressure Management
Fizik Saddle

Impact Absorption & Comfort
Riddell Helmet

Lightweighting & Topology Optimization
CellCore GmbH

Different Subscription Options for Different Needs


An automated conformal, single-zone lattice design generator ideal for fast and easy exploration of lattice designs


An automated conformal, multi-zone lattice design generator intended for complex lattice shapes intended for production


Customizable features and concurrent users for your whole organization

Lattices: A New Building Block for Innovative Products

Lattices turn materials into programmable building blocks that can be tuned to deliver the characteristics you require at every millimeter.

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