Carbon Design Engine™

Generate Conformal, Performance-Oriented Lattices

Lattices offer amazing new product possibilities, reducing material needed, improving cushioning and dampening, increasing breathability, and adding a slick new aesthetic. With the Carbon Design Engine, making lattices is easier than ever.  The Carbon Design Engine is a lattice design generator that automates the process of creating conformal, single-zone lattices, saving engineers significant time and effort.

From Idea to Functional Lattice in Hours

Go from idea to a part in hand in just hours. Generate a lattice in just a few minutes, thanks to running computations in the cloud, and quickly print your part on a Carbon printer.

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Proven for Production

The Carbon Design Engine is the core lattice technology being used in real-world, production parts today. With deep integration with Carbon’s best-in-class materials and reliable, consistent platform, the Design Engine makes producing end-use lattices simple.

In a sprint to offset the shortage of COVID-19 testing swabs, Resolution Medical leveraged the Carbon Design Engine to produce the Resolution Medical lattice swab. Over the span of 20 days, the swab was prototyped, optimized with the Carbon Design Engine, produced, and in the hands of healthcare professionals.

Performance-Oriented Lattice Parts

Prior to the lattice design generation, the Carbon Design Engine saves you time by accurately predicting both your volume savings when lightweighting, and the effective stress-strain curve of your part when tuning for a specific mechanical response.

Powerful Tools, No Tedious Tuning

Making lattices often requires tedious, manual work that is prone to errors that can significantly impact part performance. The Carbon Design Engine automatically resolves lattice features, both large and small, making it suitable for a wide range of parts and feature sizes.

Amazing New Capabilities, One Great Subscription

It is easier than ever to start making latticed parts because the Carbon Design Engine is included with every Carbon printer subscription.

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