All applications built on Carbon® are based on a unique combination of hardware, software, and materials. Together, they form end-to-end manufacturing solutions for a vast array of uses.


Carbon hardware includes multiple connected devices to enable high-volume production.

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Carbon materials uniquely combine high resolution, exceptional surface quality, and mechanical properties tuned for production.

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Carbon software powers the design of previously impossible geometries and streamlines manufacturing at scale.

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More than a Machine

Get the best of today and tomorrow. By subscribing to Carbon, customers get ongoing access to industry-leading predictive service, a full suite of materials, and continually updated next-generation software. Your products and processes only improve as Carbon's platform does.

Case Study: adidas

With our revolutionary DLS™ technology, Carbon and adidas are shaping the future of how footwear is being made with adidas 4d.

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Case Study: Dental

Carbon is transforming the dental industry through partners like NEO Labs with high quality parts and production-scale throughput.

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Case Study: Vitamix

Vitamix collaborated with TTH and Carbon to completely redesign and produce an innovative nozzle that is 10x more durable and 30% more economical than the previous nozzle.

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