Carbon, Inc.

FPU 50

Tough and fatigue resistant

Tough and fatigue resistant

FPU 50 is an impact, abrasion, and fatigue resistant semi-rigid material that is a good choice for parts that must withstand repetitive stresses such as living hinges or friction fits. FPU 50 is mechanically comparable to polypropylene.

25 MPa

Ultimate Tensile Strength

700 MPa

Tensile Modulus

200 %

Elongation At Break

40 J/m

Impact Strength (Notched)

15 MPa

Yield Strength

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for toughness and fatigue resistance, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

3D Printed Parts in Production

Aptiv Dust Cap

A maritime wiring dust cap, made with FPU 50

Aptiv Qualifies Carbon for Stringent Seaworthy Parts