Carbon® and Dentsply Sirona®

Lucitone Digital Print

Revolutionary Denture Technology

The First High Impact, Premium 3D Printed Denture

Accurate: The accuracy and reliability you expect from a denture made with Carbon DLS™
Efficient: Produce more dentures, faster and with less work
Durable: Exceeds ISO high impact and flexural strength standards
Better Patient Experience: Better fit with excellent function and aesthetics

Exclusive to the Carbon M Series platform

Simple, Efficient Workflow

With this new digital workflow, laboratories can design a Dentsply Sirona Lucitone Digital Print Denture and gain the capacity that is needed to meet increasing patient demand. The workflow is simple and easy for labs to integrate into their existing digital practices.

Scan & Design
Wash & Recycle
Fuse & Cure

Produce 32 Arches in an 8 hour Shift

Watch this short video to see the entire digital denture workflow from Carbon and Dentsply Sirona. This ground-breaking workflow is exclusive to the Carbon platform and represents a paradigm shift in strength, aesthetics, and laboratory efficiency for 3D-printed dentures.

Indications for Use

Lucitone denture materials represent a complete, FDA-cleared workflow for producing dentures. Lucitone Digital Print denture base material is available in 5 Lucitone shades of denture bases with True Color Technology for consistent shade results.

  • Full dentures

Learn how Carbon can help to grow your Lab Business

Learn as Jamie Stover, CDT, Senior Manager of Dental Laboratory Applications, breaks down the business case for Carbon.

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The Power of Print: Reshaping Removable Prosthetics

This panel discussion, featuring Dr. Stephen Wagner, Dr. Andrew Johnson, Frankie Acosta, Conrad Rensberg, and moderator Jamie Stover, takes you through the latest technologies and discuss how embracing the change to digital has led to better workflows, shorter turnaround times, higher quality, and an improved experience for the lab, clinician, and patient.

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Labs Run on Carbon


Nakanishi Dental Laboratory accelerates digital production with Carbon by 54% and decreased hands-on labor cost by 60%.

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Carbon digital dentures exceed expectations for Absolute Dental Services by decreasing material cost by 30% vs milling and reducing turnaround time by 50%.

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Eliminate Outsourcing and Rework

Golden Ceramic Dental Lab reduced denture refits by 85% and moved overseas denture production to the US.

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Discover Lucitone Digital Print™ and Carbon

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