Carbon Quarterly Roundup:

Q1 at a Glance

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2021, we at Carbon want to share core innovations and announcements from the start of this year that have empowered our customers across a variety of industries.

Better Software-Design Tools

Carbon Design Engine™: Generate Conformal, Performance-Oriented Lattices

We have the materials and printing solutions to make end-use lattices a reality, and now, with the launch of Carbon Design Engine™, we’ve made it easier than ever to get started. This new software offering from Carbon expands customers’ design tools and simplifies lattice design generation by automating the process of creating conformal, single-zone lattices––saving engineers significant time and effort, and providing the best way to manufacture lattices that achieve a variety of mechanical responses.

On-Demand Manufacturing Made Possible

Fast Company Recognizes Carbon for Innovation

Fast Company named Carbon to its 2021 World’s Most Innovative Manufacturing Companies List. Each year, FastCo publishes lists of Top 10 companies by industry, and Carbon ranked in the Manufacturing category “for optimizing COVID-19 nasal swabs using digital design techniques and 3D printing.” Learn more about our work with Resolution Medical to rapidly develop and produce lattice testing swabs here.

Industry-Leading Orthodontics Partnerships

Candid to Produce Accurate, Reliable Clear Aligners

Candid is using Carbon printers to produce accurate, efficient, and reliable clear aligners to straighten teeth. Through an end-to-end approach that utilizes Carbon L1 printers for clear aligner dental model production, Candid introduced Candid Pro: a doctor-driven clear aligner therapy system designed specifically for dental and orthodontic practices. Carbon Digital Light Synthesis™ (Carbon DLS™) 3D printing process will be leveraged by 8 of the top 15 aligner manufacturers to enhance the dental aligner experience for patients.

Additionally, Carbon became a Validated Technology Partner with the 3Shape Clear Aligner Enterprise platform: a comprehensive software solution for designing clear aligners. Labs can now ensure seamless file compatibility between 3Shape and the Carbon L1 Production Solution.

Next-Gen Research and Product Development

Cornell Disrupts Robotics with Carbon DLS™ 3D Printing

Dr. Robert F. Shepherd, Cornell Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and his students are conducting research on disruptive manufacturing technologies and functional materials to enable new devices and user experiences. With Carbon’s high-quality materials and reliable, easy-to-use printing process, Dr. Shepherd is printing compliant (flexible) mechanisms that currently do not exist for new kinds of soft robotics. By co-integrating multiple subsystems into tighter architectures, Dr. Shepherd is creating multifunctional regions that allow a robot to meet real-time requirements in a dynamic environment. Learn more from Dr. Shepherd himself.

JINS Eyewear Creates Unmoldable Lattice Temple Cushion with Carbon

“The fusion of additive manufacturing technology and conventional eyewear has accelerated the evolution of the functional domain. Until now, eyewear in the active scene has sacrificed comfort in exchange for ‘not slipping.’ Now, Neuron4D has a cushion in addition to being hard to slip due to the precise lattice structure realized only by the Carbon DLS™ process.” – Mitsuharu Nakaya, Director, J Eyewear Lab – JINS

JINS, a premium global eyewear brand based in Japan, leveraged high-quality 3D printing materials to develop a unique lattice temple cushion for the revolutionary Neuron4D frame that combines comfort, fit, breathability, and aesthetics. Learn more here.

Partners Making Game-Changing Products

The world’s leading companies are using the Carbon DLS™ process to 3D print the best performing products. Learn more about how they’re reaching new levels of product performance on our new web page.

3D as It’s Meant to Be