Life Sciences

Carbon partners with medical device and life sciences companies to redefine how devices are designed, developed, and manufactured. Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ enables un-moldable geometries, opening up new treatment paradigms while also accelerating companies time to market by drastically compressing innovation timelines. Combined with a team of business, technical, and design experts dedicated to helping our customers improve the lives of the patients they serve, Carbon seeks to define how to digitally manufacture in healthcare and in doing so improve lives with every print.

Design Impact

Carbon makes it possible to design, develop, and manufacture end use medical devices.

  • Discovery to Production in One Machine
    Carbon provides agile design without the lengthy and costly constraints of injection mold tooling. With every step of the printing and washing process automatically captured in a digital log, compliance with quality systems and integration into the device history record is production ready now.
  • Medical-grade materials
    Design, iterate, and manufacture using the full suite of biocompatible materials. Sterilizable using EtOH, e-beam, or gamma, Carbon offers flexibility to create without constraints.
  • Mutual Success to Improve Lives
    Carbon provides dedicated service, support, training, and education. Our success is determined by yours as we strive to improve lives with every print together.

Production of Single-Cell Genomic Analysis System Components at BD

BD is producing a hemocytometer adapter for the BD Rhapsody™ single-cell genomic analysis system with DLS, recognizing a far more efficient production process than with injection molding.

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Adaptive Manufacturing: Earlens case study

Earlens uses Carbon to make high-resolution molds for more personalized hearing aids.

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Accelerating the design cycle for a life-saving intraosseous device

Challenged with rapidly designing a manual intraosseous infusion device for the developing world, San Francisco-based design firm LUNAR leveraged Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology.

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3D printed airway stents for the pediatric population

Researchers at the Children’s Minnesota Hospital used Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology to explore how 3D printing could be the answer to developing airway stents custom-tailored for children.

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