Quality and Innovation Breakthroughs for Industry

Carbon offers a new level of design freedom and product quality for industrial, aerospace, and military applications. Digital Light Synthesis™ accelerates product innovation by eliminating tooling lead times and cost without sacrificing quality, providing a platform for companies to tap into low quantity, high margin markets and special product offerings.

Design Impact

Carbon materials offer unparalleled quality, repeatability, and design freedom. With Carbon products, designers can:

  • Make the perfect part with the design freedom and quality of Digital Light Synthesis™.
    Heavy industry often demands parts of the highest quality and manufacturability. DLS™ expands the designs that industrial product teams can make affordably.
  • Continuously refine products.
    Without an expensive tool and with parts printed on demand, design teams can iterate continuously in development and production to improve existing designs.

Wilson Tool International Taps Carbon to Meet Demand for QuickTap™ Tapping Tools

Wilson Tool replaced steel parts with rigid polyurethane from Carbon. Digital manufacturing cut costs, lead times and improved safety. Read how they did it.

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Aptiv Qualifies Carbon for Stringent Seaworthy Parts

Aptiv, a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected electrical and fiber optic connection solutions, has been able to disrupt the old approach of using expensive and heavy metal parts and replace them with Carbon materials that meet their stringent requirements.

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NASA Seeker Robot x The Technology House, Powered By Carbon

Through an iterative design approach, and a drastically reduced time to certification made possible by the Carbon Platform, production partner The Technology House (TTH) worked with NASA to rapidly and cost-effectively produce four high-performance thrusters for the cold-gas propulsion system within the new Seeker robotic free flier inspector.

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