Automotive customers are enjoying previously unachievable performance thanks to the quality and design freedom of Digital Light Synthesis™. With the material properties and production scale that DLS™ provides, automotive parts become lighter by replacing functional metal components with performance plastics, or replacing complex assemblies with a single printed part.

Digital manufacturing also streamlines the supply chain, where parts can be printed on-demand from the cloud, not stocked for years in a costly climate-controlled environment.

Design Impact

Carbon materials offer unparalleled quality, repeatability, and design freedom. With Carbon products, designers can:

  • Part Quality
    With Carbon’s proven resins, products can be manufactured in the broadest array of forms, delivering isotropic mechanical properties, high resolution, and excellent surface finish.
  • Manufacture at Any Scale
    Applications are ready for production at any volume, with rapid print times, repeatability, and competitive yield at volume to earn their place on a bill of materials.

Serial Products in 16 Weeks – an Aptiv & Fast Radius Success Story

Aptiv is a global technology company that develops safer, greener, and more connected solutions to enable the future of mobility. They were responsible for the design and production of a trailer-tow connector cap for Ford Super Duty trucks to protect the electrical connectors from harsh environmental exposure.

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Carbon and Lamborghini Expand Partnership to Digitally Manufacture Parts

Carbon and Lamborghini have expanded their partnership and will now digitally manufacture both the central and lateral dashboard air vents for the Sián FKP 37, Lamborghini’s first hybrid production car.

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Carbon and Ford Expand Collaboration to Digitally Manufacture New Durable, End-Use Parts

Carbon and Ford, have expanded their collaboration to design and produce several new digitally manufactured, end-use parts using Carbon’s robust and reliable printers, proprietary Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, and innovative EPX (epoxy) 82 material.

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Electric bus maker Proterra scales rapidly with Carbon

Silicon Valley-based Proterra partnered with Carbon to scale more rapidly and improve speed-to-market through the use of 3D manufactured parts that cost 90-95% less to produce and were successfully deployed into vehicles in less than two weeks, vs. a three-month lead time for injection-molded parts.

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