Electrifying the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing for EVs

On demand (Originally aired on April 12, 2022)

The widespread adoption of electric vehicles is no longer a futuristic, far-off concept. With increasing mandates to electrify vehicle fleets, companies that don’t act quickly will miss out on market share. While the rise of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry has helped OEMs stay nimble in the face of changing times, the Carbon platform is uniquely positioned to enable automotive companies to go from idea to production with its innovative hardware, advanced software, best-in-class engineering resins, and leading production partners like Fast Radius.

In this webinar, Doug Gergel, Dan Healy and Max Newberger discuss how Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis technology can support product engineers and designers at any point in the vehicle development process from prototyping to low volume and even serial production of end-use parts with qualified partners like Fast Radius, why there’s no time like the present for electric vehicle makers to embrace this technology.