Carbon Platform Improvements: February 2022

Carbon is creating solutions suitable for every stage of product development, expanding what 3D printing can do and constantly raising the bar in quality and efficiency.

Carbon software update v1.34 is rolling out to all customers.

Expanded Range of Functional Materials

Introducing Carbon EPX 86FR

EPX 86FR is a new photopolymer resin from Carbon that offers an unmatched combination of flame retardancy, functional toughness, high strength, and long-term stability. It can help reduce development time and tooling costs for end-use parts, functional prototypes, and tools that require flame-retardant and self-extinguishing features, such as housings, brackets, and connectors in the automotive and industrial sectors that require UL 94 V-0 or FAR 25.853(a) ratings.

Explore EPX 86FR

Design Tools

Explore Lattice Designs

Carbon Design Engine™ Standard and Pro versions are now available to try for free. Carbon Design Engine is a cloud-based lattice design generator that automates the process of creating conformal, multi-zone lattices, saving engineers significant time and effort in designing breakthrough products. Now, the broader design community can use the same core tools used to make breakthrough products like the Specialized Romin saddle, Riddell Diamond helmets, Resolution Medical nasopharyngeal swabs, and more.

Learn More about Design Engine

Improved Efficiency

Faster EPU Printing on the M1 and M2 Printers

Carbon continuously tests and characterizes our hardware. The v1.34 software release allows the M1 and M2 printer motors to move faster in high-force situations when there is a high total slice area during printing. You may see a reduction in your print time. The change only applies to EPU resins and will be most noticeable for large area builds.

Elastomeric Support in Auto Orientation (BETA)

Our BETA auto orientation tool has now been optimized for parts to be printed in elastomeric resins. In addition, the tool will make sure the orientation suggested will stay within the build area.

Simplified UI

To streamline project creation, we have removed previously retired resins from the resin selection when setting up a build. The following resins have been removed:

  • RPU 60
  • RPU 61
  • PR 25 Cyan
  • PR 25 Magenta
  • PR 25 Yellow
  • PR 25 Grey

If you still require access to print with any of the listed resins, please contact the Carbon Support Team.

Streamlined Administrative Tools

Admin users are now able to directly access and modify the “/network” page of their printer without the need for a password. Access to the page through a direct hardwired connection to the printer will now also be possible without the need for a password.

Check out our Software Release Notes to see our other recent innovations.

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