Carbon Announces First Fully Integrated Digital Manufacturing Platform for Global Dental Market

Carbon® is building a digital and sustainable future for the dental industry, with scalable products ready for labs of any size. Learn more about our production solutions for the global dental market below.


Since day one, we’ve been committed to our business partners’ success and ongoing needs. Now, recent over-the-air updates to Carbon’s software help our business partners reach maximum operational efficiency through automated workflows compatible with leading CAD/CAM software for dental practices, real-time fleet management, and digital traceability.


Carbon digital manufacturing solutions are suitable for dental model and die production at every scale. We started with the M2 printer, which combines high quality, fine resolution, and the throughput needed by mid and large-sized labs. To increase the throughput of the M2 printer, we introduced the C6 Cassette to produce dental models and dies up to two times faster than current offerings. Last but not least, the L1 Production Solution is the industry’s first end-to-end solution for the high-volume production of orthodontic models for clear aligner thermoforming. Designed for maximum accuracy and volume, this “factory in a box” can efficiently produce 30 models in 35 minutes on a single L1 printer.

Carbon hardware lineup from left: M2 printer, Smart Part Washer, L1 printer.

Carbon’s dental customers have expressed superior satisfaction with its technology and service shown after receiving an unprecedented Net Promoter Score of 89 as published by NADL.


We’ve released 15 new resins over the past 18 months, and we’re just getting started. We’re excited to make these recently released third-party materials available to our customers:

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