Hardware That Drives Business

The L and M Series printers and the automated Smart Part Washer are the first in a series of modular offerings that allow a wide range of industries to design, engineer, make, and deliver end-use parts using one common manufacturing workflow.

L1 Printer

The L1 printer is the newest hardware addition to the Carbon Platform, built for immediate, high-volume production.

  • End-to-End Manufacturing Solution
    The L1 is available as a limited release as part of Carbon High-Volume Solutions, built to launch industry-transforming products to high volume immediately.
  • 10x Build Volume
    The L1 provides 10x the build area of Carbon's first printer, the M1. The L1 is ideal for printing many parts simultaneously at scale.
  • Producing Millions of Parts
    The L1 is scaling production to the millions of parts for companies like adidas and Riddell.

M2 Printer

With a build volume measuring 7.4 in x 4.6 in x 12.8 in (18.9 cm x 11.8 cm x 32.6 cm), integrated connectivity, and Carbon's groundbreaking Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, the M2 is the perfect printer for any application.

  • 2x Build Volume
    The M2 features double the build volume compared to our pioneering M1 printer, allowing for larger parts, higher throughput, and lower part cost, all with the same high-resolution pixels (75 µm) and isotropic prints as the M1.
  • Manufacturing Ready + Extensible
    In addition to highly reliable hardware, the M2 offers the Carbon Connector expansion port for smart accessories and is compatible with workflow automation systems.
  • Next-Gen Software + Predictive Service
    Carbon’s modern software brings our hardware and materials together into a powerful, easy-to-use system and enables our industry-leading predictive service.

Smart Part Washer

Improve part quality and reduce labor with the Smart Part Washer.

  • Maximize Part Quality and Yield
    With optimized wash protocols, every part is consistently cleaned with minimal manual labor, resulting in lower per-part cost.
  • Smart and Connected
    Our next-generation software provides automatic, part-specific wash protocols, process control data for part traceability, and regular software updates.
  • Manufacturing at Scale
    The Smart Part Washer delivers simple, repeatable part washing, enabling manufacturing at scale and environmental stewardship.

M2d Printer

The “d” in M2d means it’s the entry level option for dental labs. This is the perfect solution for a dental lab to get started on the Carbon Platform.

  • The Starting Line for Carbon Quality
    The M2d printer offers the same quality and capabilities of a M2 printer with a smaller build area to better match throughput when lower volumes are needed.
  • Start Small and Get Big
    The M2d can grow with your throughput needs. Because it uses the same reliable hardware as an M2, you can upgrade your subscription from a M2d printer to a M2 printer, unlocking more build area to match growing demand.
  • Access to Latest Materials and Software
    As a part of the Carbon Platform, the M2d printer provides the same access to new materials, software upgrades, and world-class service and support as all of our hardware solutions.

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