Face Shield FAQ

What does the face shield look like?

Here’s what the assembled face shield looks like:

A hand holding a 3d printed face shield

The 3d printed face shield resting on it's head bracket

What is included with each face shield I purchase?

  • 1x Headband
  • 1x Clear Plastic Shield
  • 1x Head Strap (printed or elastic bands)

The clear plastic shield ships unattached. Instructions for attaching the clear plastic shield will be included with the shipment.

What material is used to make the headband for these face shields?

Carbon’s digital production resin polymer, DPR 10, is used to produce the headband for these face shields. This material is lightweight and able to be wiped clean.

The technical data sheet for DPR 10 is here.

What materials are used to make the clear shield of these face shields?

The face shield is typically made from PET, PET-G, acetate or polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of .005” – .010”. The head strap is typically elastic. Because of the emergency nature of production, actual materials used in each face shield may vary.

PET Clear Plastic Shield Safety Data Sheet (representative):

Are the face shields intended to be reusable?

This is up to each healthcare facility to decide. Feedback from physicians and infection control groups suggests that the Face Shield product is suitable for reuse with appropriate cleaning in between patients (see “Cleaning the Face Shield”). Each hospital should determine appropriate use / reuse protocols based on a review of the product by the hospital’s Infection Control group.

Are the face shields delivered sterile?

No. The face shields delivered to facilities should be considered non-sterile. Consult the CDC for the latest guidance on disinfectants known to be effective for the intended use. The following cleaning materials may be appropriate:

  • Soap-water
  • Isopropanol (70%) wipe

The following are not compatible with the materials and should not be used to clean the face shields:

  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization
  • Autoclave
  • Soak in isopropanol or other organic solvents

Are the face shields FDA Approved?

In the United States, Face Shields are currently considered Class I 510(k) exempt products by the Federal Drug Administration. Based on current FDA Guidance, these Face Shields do not require FDA clearance.

Per current FDA Guidance:

  • These products are not “surgical masks” or “full face respirators”. A safety data sheet with respect to the materials included in these products is provided above.
  • The products are not recommended for use in any surgical setting or where significant exposure to liquid, bodily or other hazardous fluids, may be expected; use in a clinical setting where the infection risk level through inhalation exposure is high (without the use of a primary barrier such as a N95 or surgical mask); and use in the presence of a high intensity heat source or flammable gas.
  • The product does not make any claims of particulate filtration or possession of antibacterial or anti-viral properties.
  • Please see Carbon’s disclaimer here

Do the face shields contain Latex?

There are 3 parts of the face shield. A 3D printed headband that does not contain latex, a clear plastic face guard which does not contain latex and a head strap which may contain latex. It may be possible to replace the head strap included with a non-latex substitute as necessary.

Where can I request the face shield?

You can request a face shield by visiting Carbon’s COVID-19 page and submitting the request form in the “3D Printed Face Shield” section. If you know of any hospitals or care groups that are in need of face shields, you can submit this form on their behalf.

Is the face shield disposable?

Yes, the face shield is designed to be disposable. We recommend treating used face shields as a biohazard and disposing of them using standard procedures.

I’m an additive manufacturer. How can I help?

We’ve provided public access to the design and production instructions for the face shields on Carbon’s COVID-19 page under “3D Printed Face Shield”.