Carbon® Advanced Lattices

Carbon’s industry-leading design tools give designers and engineers the ability to create new products faster and with better performance including through advanced latticing capabilities.


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The Lattice Advantage

Lattices created with Carbon® Design Engine can improve performance, reduce time to market, and create radically distinctive products. They’re the perfect design companion to the Carbon DLS 3D printing process, which can fabricate latticed designs with excellent detail and surface finish at any volume in a wide range of rigid and elastomeric materials.


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High-Resolution Metamaterials

Lattices turn materials into programmable building blocks that can be tuned to deliver exactly the characteristics you require at every millimeter. Unlike conventional foams and fillers that deliver the same characteristics everywhere across a volume, lattices can vary in density and shape throughout a single part to deliver different characteristics in different zones. They can even be tuned to have different responses to forces in different directions.


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Automated Design for Rapid Product Development

With Design Engine’s inverse design approach, achieving that highly-optimized performance couldn’t be easier. Instead of time-consuming trial-and-error, just specify the mechanical performance you require at any set of locations on your part, and Design Engine generates a lattice form that meets your requirements.

A New Design Language

Lattices can’t be manufactured with legacy manufacturing processes like injection molding and machining. Products with lattices are immediately distinctive: a lattice communicates attention to quality and a forward-looking approach to technology.

Why Lattice?

Hear from the lattice expert himself, Hardik Kabaria, on why you should consider a lattice-driven design approach for your next project.


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Fast experimentation with high-performance products—delivered to market in record time.


Design Engine helped Specialized cut product development time from 24 months to 10 months.

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Design Engine enabled Resolution Medical to deliver a COVID test swab in just 20 days.

Resolution Medical Case Study

Advanced Lattice Design

Carbon® Design Engine is built to work hand-in-hand with the Carbon DLS 3D printing platform, delivering perfectly-tuned prototypes from the beginning and producing designs that can be manufactured at any scale.

Design Engine is currently available to Carbon customers through consultation with our applications engineers.

Leading Products Developed with Carbon Latticing Technology

A high-performance bike saddle, created in record time

Outstanding protection with one-of-a-kind customization

Resolution Medical
A nasopharyngeal test swab that outperforms conventional solutions, delivered in 20 days

A data-driven approach to product design

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