Mending Vision for Patients

Frank is improving vision for children with craniofacial anomalies by creating custom eyeglasses with DLS.

”Working with Resolution Medical and Carbon has been fantastic. Carbon offers a rapidly printed, premium-feeling frame that has proven biocompatibility. Simply put, we can give our patients a great product quickly and feel secure knowing it has an excellent safety profile.”

Frank Brodie, MD Founder, Loving Eyes Foundation

Custom Glasses for Kids Who Need Them

Loving Eyes Foundation (LEF) partnered with Carbon production partner, Resolution Medical, to provide the perfect solution for building custom frames to conform to a child’s unique craniofacial anatomy.

LEF’s technology uses CT and MRI imaging to reconstruct a 3D model of a child’s head. Using the model, designers handcraft a custom pair of glasses for each child. Resolution Medical then helps work through LEF’s design challenges to ensure the very highest quality for their patients, and rapidly produces the customized spectacles on the Carbon Platform using RPU 70 resin, which passes biocompatibility tests for sensitization, irritation, and cytotoxicity. The results? Each child getting something they’ve always needed but never had: a great pair of glasses that fit to help restore sight.

Custom printed glasses

Carbon Talks with Frank Brodie, MD

Frank Brodie, MD details how Carbon has helped his organization create specialized frames for children with craniofacial abnormalities.

Ask An Additive Expert

In this episode, Carbon explores how 3D printing adds value in the design cycle through accelerated product development, functional prototyping, and predictable, consistent production.

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