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RPU 70

High-strength, functional toughness, and high ductility

High-Strength, Functional Toughness, and High Ductility

RPU 70 is stiff and strong, with ultimate tensile strength of 35 MPa. It is used across a wide range of industries, including consumer products, automotive, and industrial. RPU 70 has a UL 94 HB flame resistance classification. RPU 70 is comparable to ABS.

40 MPa

6 ksi

Ultimate Tensile Strength

1700 MPa

245 ksi

Tensile Modulus

100 %

Elongation At Break

15 J/m

0.3 ft-lb/in

Impact Strength (Notched)

60 °C

140 °F

Heat Deflection Temperature

RPU Stress and Strain Graph

Flame Rated

RPU 70 has a UL 94 HB flame rating.


RPU 70 has passed requirements for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-5 and -10.

Chemical Compatibility

RPU 70 exhibits low mass gain in the presence of many household chemicals and industrial fluids.

Experience RPU 70

Twist it, scratch it, or try to dent it, RPU can take it.


Our engineering materials sample kit includes EPU 41, EPX 82, RPU 70, and RPU 130.

Lattice Puck and Tensile Bars


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Computer monitor with CAD drawings

From Prototype to Production with RPU 70 & the Carbon DLS™ Process

See how Vitamix used RPU 70 and Carbon DLS™ to reimagine what’s possible.

Full Case Study

RPU 70

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for strength, toughness, and moderate heat resistance, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.



Consumer-facing housings require strength, toughness, and moderate heat resistance with great surface finish.

3D Printed Parts in Production

Vitamix Nozzle

Vitamix Nozzle

A fluidics nozzle for washing commercial Vitamix blenders, made with RPU 70.

Vitamix produces 10x more durable parts at-scale with Carbon

Wilson Tools QuickTap Oil Resevoirs

Wilson Tools QuickTap™ Oil Reservoirs

An oil reservoir for Wilson Tools tapping tools, made with RPU 70.

Wilson Tool International Taps Carbon to Meet Demand for QuickTap™ Tapping Tools

NXT Outdoors Housing

NXT Outdoors™ Housing

A housing for the NXT Outdoors™ DrawLite™ sight kit, made with RPU 70.

NXT Outdoors™ Redefines the Product Design Cycle with Carbon

FinMan Fishing Tool

FinMan Fishing Tool

A multi-tool for fishing rods, made with RPU 70.

Bringing Unmoldable Designs & Unique Textures to Scalable Production