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On September 22, 2021, the Product Development Summit brought together leaders who have reinvented their products around 3D printing. Watch their stories below, and sign up to stay informed on future events.


Product Spotlight: Specialized

A revolutionary bike saddle, developed and delivered in half the time.

Garrett Getter
Leader of Body Geometry, Specialized

Product Spotlight: adidas

The next generation of the iconic 3D-printed midsole uses a novel lattice to push athletes forward with every step.

Bob Kirk
Sr. Director, Future Footwear Innovation, adidas

Ladan Salari
Manager, Computational Engineering, adidas

Product Spotlight: Osprey

Osprey leveraged lattice design capabilities and new elastomeric materials to create a unique part for its highest-performance backpack.

Mike Pfotenhauer
Founder, Osprey Packs

Design Spotlight: Biologically-Inspired Design

Woodpecker beaks, ram’s horns, and conch shells offer insights for next-generation protective equipment.

Dr. Lakiesha Williams
Associate Professor, University of Florida, Pruitt Dept. of Biomedical Engineering

Product Spotlight: BD

Additive manufacturing keeps factories running and reduces supply chain risks for critical medical equipment.

Larry Monahan
Associate Director, Corp. CAE, Advanced Prototyping, BD

Jamie Cone
Sr. Engineer, BD

Impact Spotlight: A Better Paddle for the Paralympics

Athlete Emma Wiggs won a gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics using a 3D-printed paddle handle designed to her specifications.

Miguel Fernandez-Vicente
Advanced Research Engineer, The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Product Spotlight: Rawlings

The iconic baseball glove has been reinvented and fine-tuned with 3D printing.

Ryan Farrar
Sr. Director, Ball Gloves, Rawlings

Marc Schmidt
Sr. Design Engineer, Rawlings

Daniel Baker
Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, Fast Radius

Dan Healy
Head of Business Development, Fast Radius

Breakout Session: Building Safe, Resilient Supply Chains

By considering manufacturing processes and supply chains as an integral part of the product development process, product creators can deliver distinctive products that reach customers reliably and safely.

Lauralyn McDaniel
Industry Strategy & Engagement, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mark Savage
Sr. Manager & CoE for 3D Printing, TE Connectivity

Heather Miksch
VP, Supply Chain, Carbon

Breakout Session: Integrating Design, Development, and Manufacturing

This panel discusses tools and frameworks that help product creators develop outstanding, highly differentiated designs that will move smoothly through initial design, DfM, and manufacturing at scale.

Terry Wohlers
President, Wohlers Associates

Bradley Rothenberg
Founder & CEO, nTopology

Erika Berg
Managing Director, Application & Business Development, Carbon

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