Soft touch, biocompatible, and tear resistant

SIL 30 is a silicone urethane. It is the first additive material to offer a unique combination of biocompatibility, low durometer, and tear-resistance.

This material opens up the ability to print customized applications for comfortable skin contact products such as headphones, wristbands, and various attachments for wearables.

SIL is a specialty material available for specific production applications.

Mechanical Properties

SIL is comparable to commercial TPEs with a Shore A hardness of 35.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

3.2 MPa

Tear Strength

9.6 kN/m

Elongation At Break



35, Shore A

Material qualifications

Our materials are breaking new ground in additive manufacturing. CLIP enables 3D printing with novel classes of polymers, including complex chemistries such as polyurethane and cyanate ester-based resins. The result is a diverse and growing selection of materials reflecting common engineering requirements. The data speaks for itself — our materials make us different.

Download our Technical Data Sheets

SIL 30 technical data sheet

SIL 30 basic biocompatibility results

Carbon SIL30