High temperature resistance, high stiffness, dimensional stability, exceptional surface quality
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High-Temperature Resistance and Stiffness in a One-Part Resin

Loctite IND147 Black, certified for Carbon printers, is a photopolymer resin with high stiffness and high temperature resistance. IND147 is a one-part resin, which means it’s easy-to-use with simple processing saving time and labor. It’s a quick and easy material to print molds, fixtures, and manufacturing tools with smooth surface and accurate dimensions used under high heat applications in industry, consumer, and automotive markets.

291 °C

Heat Deflection Temperature

67 MPa

Ultimate Tensile Strength

3190 MPa

Tensile Modulus

2.4 %

Elongation At Break

14.6 J/m

Impact Strength (Notched)

High Temperature

IND147 has a HDT of *291°C making it ideal for molds, jigs, and high-temperature prototyping.
(* value dependent on workflow)


With a tensile modulus of 3190 MPa and ultimate tensile strength of 67 MPa, this is an extremely stiff one-part resin.


IND147 has been validated to work on the Carbon platform with exceptional surface quality, accuracy, and repeatability.

Example Applications

These applications combine the need for high-temperature deflection and stiffness in a speedy, and simple one-part resin.

Fluid Ducts


IND147 is ideal for high-temperature, low-pressure molds for polyurethane and silicone like this one.

High Impact, High Pressure Tooling Parts

Baking Fixtures

IND147 can be used high-temperature baking fixtures like this one to keep a part in a certain position during a bake.