LOCTITE® 3843 Matte Black

Rigid, tough, smooth surface quality
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Rigid, Tough One-Part Resin

Loctite 3843 HDT 60 Matte Black, validated for Carbon printers, is a photopolymer resin with good impact strength and moderate temperature resistance. 3843 is a one-part resin, which means it’s easy to use with simple processing saving time and labor. It’s a quick and easy material to print tools, fixtures, jigs, and decorative parts with smooth surface finishes and accurate dimensions used in room temperature applications in industrial, consumer, and automotive markets.

LOCTITE® 3843 Matte Black

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength

    51 MPa 7 ksi
  • Heat Deflection Temperature

    63 °C 145.4 °F
  • Elongation At Break

    43 %
  • Impact Strength (Notched)

    50 J/m 0.94 ft-lb/in
  • Tensile Modulus

    1800 MPa 261 ksi

Moderate Temperature

3843 has an HDT of 63ºC making it ideal for room-temperature uses.

Easy to use

Simple processing with no thermal post-processing saves time and skilled labor.


3843 has been validated to work on the Carbon platform with smooth surface quality, accuracy, and repeatability.

Example Applications

These applications are ideal for Loctite 3843 because they require good impact strength, moderate temperature resistance, and a smooth surface finish.

Brake Caliper

Brake Caliper

Because it has good impact strength and moderate temperature resistance, Loctite 3843 can be used in automotive applications like this complicated brake caliper.

Sensor Bracket

Sensor Bracket

This sensor bracket is ideal for Loctite 3843 because it requires accurate dimensions and a smooth surface finish.