Impact resistant

Offering high impact strength, cycle life, and CLIP’s exceptional surface finish, FPU is a material without equal in the additive industry. It is designed to withstand repetitive stresses, making it ideal for tough enclosures, hinging mechanisms, and friction fits.

FPU is comparable to polypropylene.

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Mechanical Properties

FPU behaves similarly to injection-molded polypropylene with moderate stiffness and impact strengths of 40 J/m. FPU elongates over 280% before breaking under 29 MPa of stress.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

29 ± 1 MPa

Elongation At Break

280 ± 15%

Young's Modulus

860 ± 110 MPa

Impact Strength (Notched)

40 ± 5 J/m

Material qualifications

Our materials are breaking new ground in additive manufacturing. CLIP enables 3D printing with novel classes of polymers, including complex chemistries such as polyurethane and cyanate ester-based resins. The result is a diverse and growing selection of materials reflecting common engineering requirements. The data speaks for itself — our materials make us different.

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FPU 50 technical data sheet