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EPX 150

Exceptional temperature and chemical resistance, functional toughness, steam sterilizable
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Exceptional Chemical Resistance, High Heat Resistance, and Functional Toughness

EPX 150 is an engineering-grade material that exhibits excellent chemical resistance, creep resistance and mechanical performance comparable to high-performance thermoplastics, like PEEK and PSU, with a heat deflection temperature of 155°C. EPX 150 is well-suited for efficient production of parts with fine features and tight tolerances. It enables new capabilities in applications that require high temperature and chemical resistance like sealed electrical connectors and fluid spray nozzles, and reusable medical devices.

The above chart and mechanical properties reflect the performance of EPX 150 when baked in an inert environment

EPX 150

Carbon, Inc.
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength

    76 MPa 11 ksi
  • Heat Deflection Temperature

    155 °C 311 °F
  • Elongation At Break

    5 %
  • Impact Strength (Notched)

    36 J/m 0.67 ft-lb/in
  • Tensile Modulus

    2700 MPa 392 ksi

Comparable Thermoplastics

High-Performance (PEEK, PEI, PSU, PSSU), PBT, Polyamides / Nylons, Polycarbonate


EPX 150 is resistant to long-term, high temperature exposure to a broad variety of chemicals including water, water/glycol mixtures, common medical disinfectants, and pH 2-12 buffers, with no change in visual appearance and minimal change in tensile properties.


EPX 150 has excellent retention of material properties during high temperature aging, temperature/humidity cycling, and thermal shock and is recommended for long-term use at temperatures from -30-125°C. This property retention in combination with improved chemical resistance enables retaining sealed connection systems under humid and harsh vibration conditions.


EPX 150 can withstand over 400 cycles of 134°C/ 4min steam autoclave cycles with minimal property or dimensional change, meeting sterilization standards required for reusable medical devices like surgical guides and trays.

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and functional toughness, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

EPX 150 Manifold

Fluidic Routing

Engineers are able to design complex geometries with unmoldable assemblies and internal features that produce better part performance and more attractive economics.


High-Temperature Sealed Electrical Connectors

Automotive T3 connectors that require toughness, stiffness, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, accuracy, and surface finish.

EPU 150 catheter handle

Autoclavable Medical Devices

Medical devices that require sterilization via steam autoclave cycles must be able to withstand extreme heat and high temperatures for hundreds of cycles.

EPX 150 printhead diverters by Xaar

What Our Customers Have to Say

“EPX 150 pairs excellent temperature and chemical resistance with sufficient toughness and efficient production, allowing us to make higher- performing parts with faster turnarounds and attractive economics in partnership with Carbon partner Paragon.” Michael Walsh Chief Product Architect at Xaar