Highly elastic, tear resistant, and resilient

EPU is an elastomeric material without equal in the additive industry. Its combination of tear strength, energy return, and elongation make it perfect for cushioning, vibration isolation, gaskets, and seals.

EPU is comparable to TPO elastomer.

Mechanical Properties

EPU behaves similarly to injection-molded polyurethane elastomers, exhibiting elastic behavior over a wide temperature range. It elongates over 310% before breaking.

Tear Strength

23 ± 3 kN/m

Elongation At Break

310 ± 25%

Compression Set



68, Shore A

Material qualifications

Our materials are breaking new ground in additive manufacturing. CLIP enables 3D printing with novel classes of polymers, including complex chemistries such as polyurethane and cyanate ester-based resins. The result is a diverse and growing selection of materials reflecting common engineering requirements. The data speaks for itself — our materials make us different.

Download our Technical Data and Safety Sheets

EPU family technical data and safety sheets

EPU 40 basic biocompatibility results