Designing for DLS™ Technology

Ready to bring your designs to the next level? Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology lets you speed up the product development process, reduce risk, improve the design of existing products, and bring radically new ones to market.

Rapid Product Development

Carbon’s unparalleled materials and production-ready platform let you prototype and produce on the same platform, speeding the product development process and reducing risk.

  • Functional Protoypes
    Don’t settle for fragile prototypes; bring your designs to life in the industry’s best materials, then start testing and iterating immediately.
  • Iterate Quickly
    Test dozens of designs in the time it used to take to try one.
  • Produce with Confidence
    DLS technology is proven for high-volume production in industries ranging from automotive to consumer products. When you’re ready to bring your product to market, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the ability to revise your designs immediately, without retooling.

Impossible Geometries

Find the perfect form for your application, not the one that fits the mold.

  • Undercuts and Undrafted Walls
    Moldability constraints don't apply here. Enjoy the freedom of designing with undercuts and perfectly straight walls without sacrificing manufacturability.
  • Lattices
    Break free of conventional manufacturing and introduce new geometries like lattices, which allow you to specify the characteristics you require at every millimeter. Determine your product’s ideal mechanical response and work with Carbon’s Lattice Engine software to build the right lattice for it.

Part Consolidation

Review existing designs and determine what assemblies benefit from being made as one part.

  • Better performing parts
    A single printed part frequently offers better overall mechanical performance than an assembled part.
  • Streamlined production
    Streamline production with reduced SKUs and less labor by consolidating assemblies.

A New Aesthetic

Deliver designs that break new ground and delight your customers.

  • Customization
    With no tooling costs, you’re free to make every unit unique. Offer personalized designs, or build entire products around individuals. Carbon’s factory management software lets you track parts from design to delivery.
  • Surface Design
    DLS offers excellent surface finish and high detail. Enhance your parts by applying textures to complex curved surfaces like grips and enclosures with Carbon’s software.

Design for Additive

DLS lets you design the best parts for your product, without worrying about moldability or machinability. Like every 3D printing process, DLS has its own best practices; follow these principles to get the best results in your applications.

  • Minimum supported wall thickness

    1.0mm (RPU 70, MPU 100, EPU 40, EPU 41, FPU 50, CE 221, PR 25, UMA 90)
    1.5mm (RPU 130, EPX 82, SIL 30)

  • Minimum unsupported wall thickness

    2.5mm (all materials)

  • Minimum unsupported angle (from horizontal)

    30° (RPU 70, PR 25, UMA 90)
    35° (FPU 50)
    40° (RPU 130, MPU 100, EPU 40, EPU 41, CE 221, EPX 82, SIL 30)

  • Clearance between mating parts

    0.4mm (RPU 70, EPX 82)
    0.5mm (RPU 130, MPU 100, EPU 40, EPU 41, FPU 50, PR 25, UMA 90, SIL 30)
    0.8mm (CE 221)

  • Maximum unsupported overhang

    1.0mm (EPU 40, EPU 41, SIL 30)
    2.0mm (RPU 70, RPU 130, FPU 50, EPX 82)
    3.0mm (MPU 100, CE 221, UMA 90)

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The adidas 4D midsole is revolutionizing footwear. It’s the result of years of user studies combined with an aggressive design cycle evaluating more than 50 designs.

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Vitamix designed one DLS™-printed part to replace a six-component assembly, requiring 55% less manual labor, costing 33% less, and ultimately proving 10x more durable than the assembly.

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NXT Outdoors

NXT Outdoors used DLS™ to improve product/market fit for their new product, using quick design iteration and rapid user feedback to reduce installation time by 75%.

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