Design for DLS

Follow these principles for the best results from using DLS™ in your applications.

Product Design, Perfected

Digital manufacturing sends modern design soaring , handing designers the broadest spectrum of geometries that can be produced at scale and offering more time and information for every iteration.

  • Design Freedom
    Focus on the best shape for your product rather than technological constraints.
  • More, Richer Iterations
    Explore concepts knowing your printed prototypes are identical to the production part.
  • Exploration

    Identify potential applications of Carbon, then prove technical feasibility with minimal resources.

    Review case studies and compare to existing product lines. Look for high BOM components and assemblies, where product teams had to make concessions to accommodate injection molding. Capture the environmental requirements and compare to Carbon material properties to find a great match.
  • Alpha

    Create an early proof-of-concept and confirms designs for DLS™ can achieve basic product requirements.

    Alpha is the time to experiment most with the design. Test the form and function. Explore many designs in parallel or iterate with the confidence that what you are testing is identical to the final part.
  • Beta

    In Beta, the design is finalized, confirming functional and commercial viability.

    This is the time to select a design and put on finishing touches. Run complete mechanical testing. Develop a build plan to understand the BOM and expected manufacturing process.

Impossible Geometries

Find the perfect form for your application, not the one that fits the mold.

  • Undercuts and Undrafted Walls
    Moldability principles don't apply here. Design with undercuts and perfectly straight walls without sacrificing manufacturability.
  • Topology Optimized
    Use advanced computer software to find the perfect shape.
  • Lattices
    Determine your product’s ideal mechanical response and work with Carbon to build the right lattice for it.

Part Consolidation

Review existing designs and determine what assemblies benefit from being made as one part.

  • Better performing parts
    A single printed part frequently offers better overall mechanical performance than an assembled part.
  • Streamlined production
    Streamline production with reduced SKUs and less labor by consolidating assemblies.

Surface Design



Custom Text/Logos

Functional Designs

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The adidas 4D midsole is revolutionizing footwear. It’s the result of years of user studies combined with an aggressive design cycle evaluating more than 50 designs.

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Vitamix designed one DLS™-printed part to replace a six-component assembly, requiring 55% less manual labor, costing 33% less, and ultimately proving 10x more durable than the assembly.

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NXT Outdoors

NXT Outdoors used DLS™ to improve product/market fit for their new product, using quick design iteration and rapid user feedback to reduce installation time by 75%.

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